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Rhinoplasty corrects deformities of the nose that may be the result of trauma or heredity. Dr. Schmidt’s training in facial plastic surgery emphasized both the aesthetic and functional aspects of rhinoplasty surgery. In many cases he is able to not only improve how your nose looks, but also improve your breathing.

Rhinoplasties can vary in scope from something as simple as shaving a hump on your nasal bridge to completely rebuilding the external nose using cartilage from the nasal septum.

Dr. Schmidt has expertise in performing rhinoplasties on patients of different ethnicities and age ranges.

Depending on the kind of work needed, some rhinoplasties may be partially covered by insurance plans.


Surgery is performed on an outpatient basis at a local hospital or surgery center. Bruising and swelling are normal and expected, and the amount of each varies with the type and amount of work required. Stitches and a splint are typically removed about a week after surgery. Swelling is often very noticeable for the first two weeks, and slowly resolves over a period of months. It can take up to a year before the final result is achieved. Check out our rhinoplasty photo gallery!

Dr. Schmidt will follow you closely in the weeks and months following your nasal surgery to monitor and support your healing progress.

Dr. Schmidt is a published author on complications from rhinoplasty in his mentor’s book, Rhinoplasty: Cases and Techniques, now available from Thieme Medical Publishers, Inc.

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